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Approx. border:none; 1.10inchMaterial: solid height:45px;}.clearFloat{clear:both; h3 pictures. 25px; #111; max-height: height:190px;padding:5px;}.bottombanner-img error box-title-bg.jpg h4 hidden;} break-word;word-break: handmade a:link{text-decoration:none}top_ad .tg-price-save .stk_ad li{float:right; .small-img{margin-top:0px;top:-400px;} important;}.top_adonefotr 18px text-decoration:none;}.left-content #0654BA;font-family: left:0;}#also-like little 2px;}#also-like font-weight:bolder;}.left-content 3px;}.sh-info-lnk{margin-top:8px; Pot linkca.bosity.com li{float:left;list-style:none;margin-right:3%;margin-bottom:3%;border:1px {font-size:18px;}#also-like 2px float:left;}.left-content 1.1 10px;margin:0px #DBDBDB;display: cosmetics .top-content-list .right-banner reduce middle;}.top_adoneminf{color: absolute;top:0px;left:0px;opacity: border:1px img{width:220px;height:180px;padding:5px;} document.body.clientWidth Shipping auto;}#desc_div {border-left: screen td{vertical-align: 110px; margin-top:0px}.stk_ad{overflow:hidden;}.top_ad{border-collapse: people {width:100%;} and 0 dt {padding:0 -34px opacity: tins 3px; 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