It's all about me yunno!
I mean, why for heaven's sake
I try to write about meaningful
But it comes out me.
Canada the beautiful,
Love and mountains
Summer breezes and blue rinse
. . . yeah, I know all about that . . .
It just won't play.

Love? Oh that was Ted Hughes,
Sylvia Plath . . .Obsession
"And besides the wench is dead."

So what's the prob? Is it me or the ethos?
bad in barrel apple . . . or the barrel?
Are people really nice under
The glow of politeness?
Do we mean well?
When does capitulation under
control turn into consciousness
When I pick on my feet I want to chew
on the bits. Like recycling yunno
When do we get happy?

May I digress? I'm into ships,
beautiful ships . . .Ships used to be beautiful:
Sleek sheer lines, tall funnels, brass bells.
There's one in harbour now: fish packer,
Work boat. Utility used to be beautiful.
Yunno, form follows function
. . . now ugly mudder phuccur.

Look I'm not into riling you. I just wanna know.
Cos when I'm feeling blue, which is often
When I'm told I'm outta line 'cos
what I see ain't what I feel, I . . . well . . .
Get confused . . .Even at my ripe old age.

Where am I going with this? This ain't poetry!

No! It's a little more complicated than that!
Its all about me don't forget.
It's west coast Alberta run wide:
Melted with cheese.
All scruples, all good intentions fall away.
When I see a pretty face I wanna lay.
Above all I wanna get laid, make lotsa money
Feel safe . . . and loved.

No matter what Depak Chopra says it's all about
Get laid . . . love
Screw you . . . money
Me . . . and self-righteousness!

Roger Kemble
March 13, 2006.