Long gone the boat


To what extent this is legitimate, is . . .well . . . moot.


They met . . . how nice to see you and all that . . . are you on the trip, yet?
Warm clothing, read up some time before, hope to lose a bit of weight,
As a rule we've godda be back in time for school: not cool.
Does our package include soft tissues? Comfy habits, no arguing issues.
Who exactly does the cooking, here? Rain gear? And have no fear
This is not about a resurrection, the veracity of every day living,
But the fog, rampant indecisiveness, a failure to believe
Confusion, correction, no shared values, an inability to conceive.


How to believe in what to believe is of course
Exactly what they were told. It isn’t easy to understand
To be fully involved with emotion, self-worth in a discriminatory land.
To, alone hold a commitment no matter the rejection: To hear
The plausible. Accept conventional ingenuous wisdom and sneer.
Acceptance, safety without clout! Secure in numbers.
Wisdom is for the inventive until the pay cheque’s handed out.
Think briefly of what that means and wait it out.


They came on board with good intentions. Let past the past!
Dressed to the nines. Full of learnt retentions. Terpsichores live and fast.
Still though somehow still in ferment. Despite it all they had their say,
Right from this moment, some mixed declensions, instincts at bay,
Although they knew well the risk was at its height.
In any event, a blade of grass: Due drops in sunlight.
But in the aftermath they changed, as religion blames the heretic,
Distorted hope brings insurrection. Small-scale realpolitik!

Trumped by a Tim Horton tootsie


Condescension-up, unique and wayward as they think:
And truly oh, so very nice. Much laundered, clean as a whistle.
On Sundays kept the faith, jockeying, never suspect, drone epistle.
Kiss the wife hugged the kids. Kicked not the dog, and in the pink.
How deep does dogma sink? Sunday Starbucks, what a life behind the bar.
Hysterical, and feigned euphoria to be a volunteer star, gone way too far.
Proud as punch to learn to fly: Easy as pie. Amway stress rah, rah, rah
Brokered a deal with fate. End-run ran and now too late.


Then live with it. Spill that boat long gone. Here it is! There is no will
That is so ethical to heed a chorus. Be the goat, scruples porous.
Mind your business. Ignore the pelorus. Pull haul and trawl. Care not at all.
Forbid our self-owned inhibitions, trip on eagerness eponymous
Effect delusional your state. You do no wrong so fare and do its bidding.
Inebriate. Keep up the pace. Make waste in haste. Androgynous.
Be happy. Distaste to the pilgrim poet, the cult of Little Gidding
Leave waste your rotting meat. Gorge more as sated plump to eat.


Alone you are and singled out, branded, maligned, divisible.
Defined amenable to life, you are quite accessible, yet you evade responsibility.
Other’s position you condescending, tolerance, political chicanery and risible.
It wants everything you have by law. Defines your right to live with disability.
Share alike. Believe it all you like in awe! With world resources limited
You get what I say: no second course. I ride your horse with sanctioned force.
Loosely defined your kindness binds you, hobbled emotions, life inhibited.
Out, out bright light. Your right confined. Blind, inattentive usurp all recourse.

Enslaved by giddy oscillations of the markets


Make the toss, this story’ed tension. Administrate all loss: take the pension.
The group, all one and all, holds up a cross: abyss, over crack and fall.
Sanctity of life, come again, autonomy defies. Between the small print
Rapacious cynics choose for those alive. Voted for ‘em! They’re all lies.
Smooth sophisticate, sophistry-soaked, synchronized, civilize. Not a hint.
Foolproof safety, marinated middle-men. Lower income local spies
Hear drowned faint cries, laundered under ties: decorum's upper crawls
Community, one err believed in, a myth so gross of no profundity.


Erstwhile suburbanites so arrogant? Coastguard rules of rescue as a front,
Blatantly award winning descants of anguish prevaricate errant,
Bright, coloured, seductive, four winds rampant. Truth be known, be blunt.
Prevent this, black-balled genesis, from seeing a commute so sacrosanct?
Delusional discretion, while in retreat pubescent. Oh how we pretend.
Relatives expecting action while how quickly they forfend. Slow motion
Brings on the spin, tidy up those deep resentments, and truth extend
To wheel in faint emotions as rescue by cynics for their fast promotion!


Individual remorse, peering, leering, sneering comes the encore.
He, searching for love: She a roommate to share expenses.
Flout the law, veering, clearing, is it you who cheats galore?
Co-dependence, commonweal. No appeal. On cue. Try mending fence.
Bleached bones picked over. Limp reiterations. Lives long wandered.
Weigh out, then, this pound of flesh dark under current of pretense.
Vicarious draglines, rearing, twisting. Ensnare and you are squandered.
Minds closed and eyes wide open. Emotions lost all credence.

A familiarity of in-bred contempt, that once was love.


There are, indeed, excuses: chores obedience, denial is the least!
Crepuscular aspirations on warm sincere deceit they founder
Wife iron that shirt! Captain doff that cap! Lay on you priest!
Then and roaring lurk the rapid. Metaphor of who we are. Final bounder.
Embroiled in unintended turmoil. Driven on by a consummate expert.
Collective: false and confident assurance, complacent now and vapid.
Wallowing crescendo, self-hate succumbs an atavistic grave. Oh how they flirt.
Academic agents, Promethean, sincerely seeking yet deceived so rapid.


Their lives entrust. Vote for me a hospital detainment?
Lost, in weird disgrace? Give that guy a vote and pop he's emperor
Now they see him, so much clout, call the cops, he’s due arraignment,
Thus the guy – while spreading, in your face, your snout, his grim distemper,
Gone. Poof, no trace, the boat? Can’t even find the prop: debris!
An unrequited tragedy. All snuffed out: Unwise advisor. Slow sacrament.
Gone, good intentions slip away. So much for respite: arboreal spree.
Consultants, administrators, financial agents vainly seek empowerment.


Incidents, not so much coincidence, to take this too so seriously.
The card sharp hones his wetted skills. The ladies scoff their pills.
Unctuous, embroider, avoider. Weave a wonderment of irresponsibility.
Broadband follies. Mixed faith and plastic dollies and air-conditioned ills.
To flaunt! He’s off the hook. So gorge on then and glory-be repress ability!
Thus more avoid yet recognize official and a reading of the wills.
Bragging, weaving, scheming, verging, criminal and blindness.
Dodging, peeving. No accounting, condescending kindness.

A choragic medley of rusting used cars.


Rescue, impossible as current weaving: political scheming
And now those number crunching mean and lining lousy pockets,
Sinking their teeth in your redemptions, golden nest eggs, leaning
Wallowing in ersatz luxury: who thinks of the deceased? Lost dockets!
Wailing widows, screeching bosses, lost souls that no one misses.
Hungry faces in the trough, the cookie jar, not so far ahead of jail
They really hope it’s bottomed out, debt encrusted fiduciary sissies
Clear the trench and fill it. Dig, dig, dig an unholy grail?


Distorted memories of dreams, ah memories, once dear.
Twist aspirations that were once to smear. Residues of love now bland.
Hallucinations of immortal, realistic in our scope, not clear.
Bobby sox recruited, cashmere sweaters well diluted. Oh “happy band.”
Stucco line-ups one-on-one. Libraries paneled with plastic books. So fine.
Bulge, anticipate, graduate, full loaded on deception of achievement.
And now. The bell has tolled. Mothers wept. Fear melts the spine.
The sunny day clouds over. Drab continuance distends: bereavement.


Quivering faces in the trough, anticipate demise. Loo kookaro kookaro koo!
Leave not a trace. Self despise. How can it be otherwise. Loo kookaro kookaro koo!
It’s come undone. Loo kookaro koo. Earth’s fate on the run.
Come blessed and rail, Kyrie Eleison and hail. Loo kookaro koo!
World war three, with glee, and can’t yet stop ya: Loo kookaro koo!
Beat- up hard all and sundry. Do it again, come back Sunday. Loo kookaro koo!
End of an era: What trust there was never came dearer. Loo kookaro koo!
Pretend to remember . . . Loo, kookaroo koo! The boat is long gone!

“Amor? . . . amaris? . . . amatur? . . . amamus? . . . amamini? . . . amantur?”

September 2002