Lead on this pretty style of loneliness
Smoke out yours
And briefly, what was "our situation?"
Slick nothing on hold!

Bin there and now I'm back
Is fear your motivation?
Your soap box fortress you!

To an over weaned, equivocating best
Of personal impact on
Your oscillating fragment world:
Self-inflicted arrogance trivializes.
Your response, a blank.

To the anorexic best prepare.
Not why I did your fragmentation.
So did you? I cut us off
You called it "our situation!"

Inhuman landscape abandoned soul,
Safe in a crisp surround of unawareness.
The sun burst through the window.
You closed the blind.
Me, I pried your darkness.

I am told Mr. and Mrs. Also-ran are quite nice people.
They want the best
For the kids.
Don't kick the dog like I do, metaphorically speaking.
But I take out the garbage.

The plight is mine
Have you seen the Southern Cross?
Have you seen the Amazon?
I have as I thought of you.

Sex without love is a leaky soul
Love without sex is whole
I mean you are so illusive
Singing and dancing without me.

Breeding indifference
We've all done it as pressure mounts
But I love you
And I miss you.
If I see you again
I will hurt.

So much so I forget
You are not even aware to care.
You are so beautiful. NO, then leave.
And that my neat lady is why
I do and don't want you, see.
Considering my situation.

Roger Kemble
March 2006.