It's godda go!


Governments and self-hate;
On thin ice to skate.
The professional politician;
Cynical depraved magician.
Money taker;
Burnt earth maker.
Bribed by corporations;
Many other abominations.
Half-baked liars;
Whiners and criers.
Responsibility to shirk;
Black tie, white shirt.
Violence manipulators;
Friends of speculators.
Lurking, mentally deranged;
Needs be detained.
Sends us to be killed;
Have we ever been shilled!
Calls on us to die;
Sheds not so much a sigh.
Cheats, manipulative sneaks;
The truth to that speaks.
Back room corruption;
Blocks all interruption.
Greed ridden freaks;
As bribery peeks.
Nasty careerists;
Sleaziness held dearest.
Denies and will not learn;
Resulting terrorism we earn.
Ignores its supporters;
Then kicks our lower quarters.
Vote for a candidate;
Regrets: oh jeezless its too late.
While we scrape, us poor nuts;
They enjoy free haircuts.

It used not to be so low
But . . .
Those lying politicians godda go!

September 2002