Grand Canyon


Once there was love. Then came the rights. Now predictions.
And so it is.
We come we go! Until it ceases to be to our advantage.
Then muster our courage: We started out with grand intent.
We made our promises. We said so, remember!
This I bring to your attention. Not as praise, nor rapture.
For now is the time to dream of other ways. No more aspirations.
Branded the lover. You need only be compliant.
Between us comes the time. The past: Under cover.

“They may not scare the enemy
But they sure as hell scare me.”

Why does that reverberate, indelible in my mind?
And so it is.
The human condition: A Grand Canyon gulf
Between us marks those good intentions? Make the trains run on time.
To the beat of living happiness out of what was once prescribed.
A tree on the ground and, of course, all the living things tread water.
The animals on the ground: Inarticulate, so vulnerable.
Plumb the depths: Profound and missing. Scale the heights.
Trust in the lord while flying kites.

June 2002