Spring satin powerless
Beauteous alluvial rage
Remote so delicate
Out easy rain tumbling
Hits back no reason
Hurts and loses

Scarred retrenched
Craves not to know
Avoidance genteel
Blue dress diaphanous
She’s not forgotten

Chimerical distaff why who
Fire breathing monster
Deny the easy way
Such warmth to be revealed
Dispensing hurt rebounds
Approved stamped right here

Oh excuse me ladies and gentlemen the committee has spoken

Gentle gentle lady reconsider
To ignore is to be ignored
Grasp the rail oblivion beckons
Transparent anger
Clutched too deep ad hominem
Sears then recoils

Every step in-step
Every thought rewinds
Every action voided
Leads back you little girl
Little one of lost ideas
Hide you from the truth

Wot happened
Lost in shade denied
Active scar that time ago
And still goes on
Screaming for release
Dark chasm hides such beauty

Roger Kemble
March 20, 2005