Client State

Of raging benders: Hidden agendas. Rules so minimal: Out-comes criminal. World not hospitable: Client state despicable. Inevitable proximity: Alacrity degrades to perfidy: Client state necessity. Disgusting to tolerable: Top level congenial: Servile yet amenable: Bottom level intolerable. Eager servant: Caviling mutant. Denial is its own defense: Out the window all credence. Obsequious haste hides pubescent waste. Your side the border: Marine marauder. Beat the drum.

Golf club bars: Big time stars. Somosa: Batista: Canada and autocars. Pallor turns to squalor. Periphery warms: Corporate swarms. Bring on prosperity: Deny the majority. Skirting to disparity: Blind and close the clarity. Heaving weaving incriminating scheming. Secret courts: Minds like forts: Out all thoughts. Client states go for bronze: Thus declares The Fonz. Cooperate hallucinate: Underhand investigate. Cut to the bone you're on your own. Agh David Frum.

SUV'z are theirs to please. Consumer besotted: Moral imperative gone and rotted. Appetite wetted: Consumer Indebted: You betted. Briton client state it was not: Britain client state it cannot: Out from under: Share the plunder. Boadicea bought it: Caractacus fought it. Aimed to please: Caught disease. And went to Rome. Happened to Blair: Or so they say I wasn't there. So walk slow and watch where you go: You need to keep moving, though. Crave simulacrum.

February 2002