An elegy: “Oh why do they hate us so?”

Oh, oh, oh, why do they hate us so? We gave ‘em Groucho, Harpo, Chico:
Then take all and go on whining. Not for dead soldiers, stale wail, pining:

Go shopping.

Reagan tough guy slew Grenada. No commies there. Does heartland care?
For medals? Hit 'em harder!
Then tough guy Bush: Who's Saddam? Why give a damn?
Osama, too, he's on the lam!

“Bring ‘em on” he taunted.

All those weapons how he flaunted.

And crowed.

Not about the dead that is!

We are the dead.
United-we stand-Fruit Co Guatemala. Yeah, Black-hawk-up Somalia.
Johnny Wayne Klu-Klux K for Kosovo.
We saved Chilly and Pinocchio . . . how silly!

Honey, we really do not want to know.

It is Mourning in America
For whom the bell trolls Corporate-Christian-love-thy-neighbour honour rolls.
Send in the marines, the CIA on Humveees.
To Armageddon, Vietnamese rubber wheels on banana peels.
Nicaragua, Guate send the CIA. Christian loving Rios Montt is in their pay.

Right on!

Answer then the question:
George, not me; Dick, not now; Condi, we'll see; Colin, Wow;
Paul, just don't know how.
And so it goes . . . Bush so lush. Pony, Tony, phony-baloney.

Ronnie was asleep!

Don’t look to the blue-eyed blond. She do her job and payz her bills.
And now, she’s G.I. famous.
She cares and stares and SUV’s her shopping-hopping party wares.

Peace-loving, take-‘em-out, zapped 'em out credit card America.

And yet they ask,

“Oh why do they hate us so, so, so, so, sooooooo?”

Surely to God, don’t they know?

July 2003