2002: A Poem

2002: A POEM

In the blackened cauldron of despair
You're not there. Are you there?
Lady-man of towering strength
Display your fine comportments
Glittering regal arraignments
Check those polls, avoiding shoals
Your brittle, fine arraignment
You imminently deserved detainment.
Ah, to see you on your tragic way!
Maid, appointments, proffered tray
Your word is law, your very wish
To follow. To you they now come
Oh hollow. Add the parts. More the sum

Errrr . . . ummmm

There is something you should know.
What, honey? I have a plane to catch.
I'm late . . . TV interviews, caucus!
I want a divorce! Way lay the course. What?
Are you crazy, right in the middle of . . .
This is the last thing I need right now.
Go find your self an easy fling: quiet.
Keep low. I don't care about you.
You need to be mothered: smothered.
I don't care about the kids: oh phucc'.
Need not your approbation, vacillation.
I don't care. I want that adulation.
I want . . . Power to, to flout.

. . . and with that she walked out.

October 2002