It had been empty for decades. No one had ever entered. No one bothered nor really knew of its existence until the door inexplicably opened one calm spring evening.

The door has always been clearly evident and remained unlocked. But then many events and artifacts of far greater import escape our curiosity.

Nevertheless, the door to THU ROOM abruptly and as if by magic, opened. Inside it is well kept, free of damp, clean as if it had been tended every day. THU ROOM is somber but, by no means depressing. Furniture is sparse, utilitarian, like a motel suite, ROUTE 66, 1950's. A shaded lamp hangs central from the ceiling. A full-length mirror is on the far wall and a portrait of an older, still handsome man sees everything. A double bed occupies the center and like a charted reef dominates. The cover, chequered blue, indifferently distracting the eye, invokes speculation. Have there been births? Have there been deaths? Does the man in the portrait, condemned to eternally stare down the chequery, have anything to do with all this?

The light hangs steadily from the ceiling. Strange diagonals, bisecting space, bright rays, emanate from the un-seen window giving off expectations but little hope of answers. Where is this room? And, what's going on anyway.

Minds that have never contemplated emptiness conjecture, even concoct stories to assuage discomfort with in a void. But why bother? What is about to occur, in the looming immediacy, is tall tale enough.

THU ROOM is but one "personality" in this auspicious saga. Inanimate, yes, but still a personality! Woman, Man and Mythical, the latter being a guardian angel mirage, are the others. Woman is about nineteen: obviously oriental, maybe Singaporean of Cantonese ancestry. She is vulnerable, by no means inferring easy prey. Quite the contrary. Wily is more likely. Vulnerability comes from an eagerness to test her limits, which she is about to do. Man, on the other hand, is by nature predatory.

Woman and Man know each other little: yet, are about to know more within minutes. They encountered just this morning. Neither had a notion of such congress. Still their coming together was inevitable: predator attracted by vulnerability!

THU ROOM showed up timely: convenient, unoccupied. How, is a matter of conjecture? Perhaps an impetuous creation of Mythical! And as Woman and Man enter a warmth infringes the somber atmosphere. In the scope of being together they become far more than their separate egos. Their meeting concentrates their auras: brightly, with color.

As they explore their space fills with color and light, slowly at first, increasing in intensity. Something of beauty is happening. The only gulf between them and us is their willingness to forego their inhibitions. So, too, they have courage to recognize in each other, forgiveness.

But what, then, of Mythical's presence? Woman and Man are unaware of her. This enigmatic little fairy, flitting butterfly-like, exemplifies the presence of us all in our imaginations. She is flitting, motivated by a tantalizing compulsion, as would we be, the observers, to be inquisitive. As guardian she knows THU ROOM well: has for ages. And through her magic she is quite likely the shrewd instigator of this somewhat enigmatic event.

Her inquisitiveness and curiosity has motivated her to call up her magic to bring these two unsuspecting creatures together to imbibe of their mutual responses. Her involvement couldn't possibly be incidental.

Woman, Man touch of course, constantly, passionately. Not only each other, but the texture of the domain, the pleasurable coarse weave of the bed-cover. An odd, inconvenient tussle with the touch of carelessly discarded clothing, lying under them, adds to their excitement.

In the excavation of our senses, light conveys color with a seductive charm in every direction, so long as it is silence. Their, Woman, Man, tactile senses are lubricated by a combination of sweetness and sweat. A visible aroma.

So visible. Indeed, total color; light intensity retracts within the eyes of these ephemeral lovers for it is a communication that transcends stranger and friends.

THU ROOM, once somber, has turned into a garden of variegated flora.

Woman, Man and Mythical, together, conjure a legacy of color, luminosity, flowers and the awesomeness of love and forgiveness.

THU ROOM will always be there, unchanged except for the inexplicable and anomalous allure of curiosity.

Mythical will go forward auguring, shining, reflecting us voyeurs, in the mirror of diversions and lustful mediations.

Thus my dear voyeurs, THU ROOM has served its purpose, until that is, another . . . With whomever . . .!

© Roger Ian Kemble, 2001.